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1. Why are skeletons so calm? Because nothing gets under their skin.
2. What kind of shoes do ninjas wear? Sneakers!
3. Why are cemeteries so popular? People are just dying to get in there!
4. Why is the mushroom always invited to parties? He's just a fungi.
5. Why did the onion go red and got flustered? It saw the salad dressing.

The Best Dad Jokes That Will Have The Whole Family Laughing

Dads are good at so much stuff, from teaching you how to use a drill to showing you how to play football, and everything in between. They provide a steady hand to hold and a strong shoulder to cry or lean on. And they do all this with that special sense of humor that we all know as "dad jokes".

What's a dad joke exactly? Well, it's usually that pun-heavy, can't-help-but-laugh type of one-liner joke that dads are best at delivering thanks to their vast life experience and dry wit.

Sure, there are better jokes our there, for example kids jokes, but we just can't help but laugh at the one-liner "too bad they're good" puns and jokes from our old man.

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Joke Of The Week #2 – 2022

We find ourselves in the second week of the year, and it’s once again time for our joke of the week.

As voted by our users, this week’s joke of the week is:

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Joke Of The Week #1 – 2022

It’s a new year and this year’s first joke of the week is a little bit on the naughty side.

As voted by our users, this week’s joke of the week is:

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