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1. What goes "Hahaha .. plop?" Someone laughing their head off.
2. What did one toilet say to the other? You look a bit flushed.
3. What's a cat's favorite color? Purr-ple.
4. What's the most famous fish? A starfish!
5. What's a snake's favorite subject in school? Hiss-tory.

The Best Kids Jokes That Will Make Them Laugh Out Loud

Nobody loves jokes as much as kids do. Whether you have a young toddler, a goofy 3rd grader, or a pubescent teen, there's something about silly one-liner kids jokes that children can't get enough of.

Unfortunately for you, most kids have a limited supply of good jokes. So if you want to avoid hearing the same joke routine over and over again, here's a great list of the best kids jokes out there.

Our list of short, funny and easy to remember jokes for kids will have everyone laughing out loud in no time.

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Joke Of The Week #2 – 2022

We find ourselves in the second week of the year, and it’s once again time for our joke of the week.

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Joke Of The Week #1 – 2022

It’s a new year and this year’s first joke of the week is a little bit on the naughty side.

As voted by our users, this week’s joke of the week is:

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